Saturday, October 9, 2021

An imbrex of Roof tile and a Special kind of pottery that served as a liquid container were found on palace mound at Porpanaikkottai, Pudukkottai .


the first phase of the excavation was completed  last week, follow up activities like surface exploration was conducted by archaeological research forum of Pudukkottai .

 in this sur

vey  , the team had identified special kind of  jar's bottom.  A Manikandan, The founder, Archaeological Research Forum of Pudukkottai, and Research scholar, Department of Ancient science, Tamil University

says that this pottery had been  used to store liquids. 

The Fort  has four entrances in every  directions, there are sacred groves temples,      A Mound of Palace  is found in the west side of the Inner fort, this features surprisingly resembles Sangam Era fort.

this site  is infested with archaeological artefacts of amphora like clay jar's bottom was found and handed over for further study to assist. professor ela.Inian , Tamil Nadu Open University.

Amphora like jar's bottom

Olive oil and wine were stored in the specially designed amphora and transported throughout the world by the people of Rome, Spain and Italy. Such evidences were found around the globe. In India  these containers were found in Dwarka of Gujarat, Pattinam of Kerala, Arikkamedu of Pondicherry, Chandravalli of Andra. In Tamilnadu to Pugalur and  Athur of Karur district, and in the district of Coimbatore.

 These jars are the very strong evidence for International Trade of ancient Tamils.

liquid storing jars  of ancient Tamil Nadu.

the  jar found at porpanaikkottai resembles with amphora and similar findings around the world. 

According to  professor of Marine Archaeology Dr.V Selva Kumar of   Tamil University , Thanjavur,  the origin of the jar  can only be identified after testing the clay. 

Tamilian had used similar jars for storing liquids.

The Imbrices tile were found near the north entrance of the Fort.

these imbrice tile was used for the roof construction.

 the size of the tiles and the holes in the tiles resemble the tiles found in other archaeological sites of Tamilnadu.

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