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Ilayathakkudi Nakarathaar’s contribution to Mallangudi Shiv Temple’s Thiruvolakka Mandap stone inscription found

         A 14th Century Stone inscription was found at Mallangudi (formerly known as malayalankudi) , Thirumayam (TK), Periyaiyur Village Union. The stone inscription was erected in the Pillayar Temple compus at Mallangudi, Umaiyaandi oorani (drinking water tank) Archeological Forum of puthukkottai ,identified a stone inscription, the team consisting of the founder A.Manikandan, the President Karu.Rajendren and the coordinator S. Kasthuri Rengan, M.M.Kannan had a field survey in this area and they had stumbled upon this stone inscription.

this type of Inscription is a very rare find for the inscription was intact, carved on a 2 1/4 feet high and 1 ¼ feet width stone slab, which is slightly slanted. The top portion of the slab is decorated with an arch, followed by 14 lines of inscription.


Period of the Inscription

 There is no specific mention of time in the inscription but the style of the letters inscribed indicates that it belongs to the latter part of the 14th century. Message in the inscription Thiruvolakka Mandap is a prayer hall where the idols of worship is kept for prayers.

The Lord shiva (Oru Poovukandharuliya Naayanaar)

This inscription mentions the main deity as “Oru Poovukandharuliya Naayanaar”, and a prayer hall 

was erected by a (kulasekarapuram) Ilayathakkudi Nagarathar, named Azhagiya thirusitrambalamudaiyan. He is also mentioned as his ancestrol native place Kazhanivasaludaiyan and his Current residence Thirukodungkundramudaiyaan, However, no sign of the Prayer hall mentioned in the inscription are found near it. Thirvolakkamandapam is refered in a verse in Thiruvasakam 21,6, it refers” to pray thiruvolakkam”, means God’s divinely court.

    The Nattukkottai Nagarathar Community often camped along various parts of the country, and spent their wealth for the social welfare causes such as erecting temples, digging ponds and establishing lakes.

The author expressed his gratitude to the volunteers of the village, Nadarajan, Subramaniyan, Students, Uthayakkumar, Dineshkumar, Ragul, Pichaimuthu, Santhosh Kumar, Rubini, and Shalini, who were very enthusiastic in locating and sharing the local legends with the team.








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