Tuesday, September 26, 2017

An ancient Labyrinth Mound , dates back to three thousand years , discovered in Ambalaththidal near keeramangalam , Pudukkottai district .

Archaeological Research Forum - Pudukkottai  conducted  field research . The team lead by Manganur Manikandan , and Kalvettu Rajendran found new evidences of an ancient civilization , and a Labyrinth mound in the site . Members of the foundation Pudugai Selva, Kasthuri Rengan , along with local volunteers Chandrasekar , Bharathiraaja , DrMathiyalagan , Mharaja , Press Reporters Bagadsing , Kannan , Muthuppazampathi , Saba explored the region . The site is filled with broken red and black pottery . 
An  ancient Labyrinth Mound , dates back to three thousand years , discovered in Ambalaththidal near keeramangalam , Pudukkottai district . 

The site has a ancient lime concrete mound with strange straight lines. After carefully examining the structure Manganur Manikandan  opined that Amabalathidal has lots of evidences for human existence of ancient periods . The new discovery helps us to understand the real age of the site . Usually Labyrinth Mounds are dated back to 3000 years . This is a very important clue to realize the age of the site.

Labyrinth Mounds Around the World

The Puzzles were made of clay . In Lusanna , in Sardinan Island has very important Labyrinth Mounds which belonged to 200 BC . Similar Mounds which are historically important found in Scandinavian Countries . Labyrinth Mounds around Tamil Nadu . Archaeological Researcher Sugavana Murugan and team has  discovered similar Labyrinth Mounds. In the district of Dharmapuri, near the Cauvery basin , in Periyakottai similar Labyrinth Mounds are found . They are in rectangular shape . Kidimedu area of Thiruppur also has Labyrinth Mounds , these were discovered by Researcher Ravikumar and Thiruppur Veera Rajendren Historical Foundation identified this . Apart from these sites Trichy , Tirunelveli also has Labyrinth Mounds .

Labyrinth mounds of Ambalaththidal .

Labyrinth Mounds retains their shape only if they are in lonely places away from human movements . They will escape sabotage if they are located in the places of worship . The discovery of the ancient place of worship ,the  mound in Amabalthidal is the very first of its kind in the district . A calcium mound of 20 feet length and breadth , has rectangular shaped maze carvings . The pottery marks found in the site give us a clue that these ancient structures 3 thousand  years old  opined Kalvettu Rajendran .

He also stated that it is a time critical mission , that State Archaeological Department and Archaeological Survey of India should take care of this site and conduct an immediate filed study . This site may rewrite the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Explorations .

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