Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Early Chola’s Temple half buried at Kudumiyanmalai Visalur in Pudukkottai District

A plea to save the historical evidences.

A stone temple belonged to an early chola period lying half buried in Visalur Village fields near Kudumiyan Malai, Pudukottai District found by Pudukottai Heriage Research Centre          Founder,         Manganur         A.Manikandan,        Teacher         at Gandarvakottai Govt. Boys School and Heritage Photographer Ramesh Muthaiyan team.


Stone Temple

Velir Kings, Chieftains as well as individual rulers under cholas, built more small stone temples using lime mortar for joints. Temple walls built with this technology still withstands for centuries. Somewhat these are better than today’s techniques.

Architecture disintegrated at Visalur

Here in Visalur, pillars of the temple Vimana’ scattered everywhere. We can see the lime mortar used with chips became harder than stone. This should be researched.

9th Century Rare Statues buried at site

Rare Statues of Mother Jyesta, Early Muruga with elephant given by Indra for his daughter Devayani, half buried ‘Dwarabalagas , Lord Dakshinamurthy and Vishnu in meditating

posture, Bramha, Chandikeswarar, Nandhi with broken head are seen. By this evidence we may conclude all these were the parts of an ancient siva temple existed. There is vimana made of stone also half buried here.

Plea to the Department of Archeology

Karu. Rajendran, President of Pudukottai Heritage Research Centre said, The heritage treasures identified by our scholars A.Manikandan and Ramesh Muthaiyan, should be protected in a museum at the earliest.’

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