Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Kanikkaaval Asiriyam stone inscription of 14th century has been found at Valaimangalam village at Pudukkottai District.

A Kanikkaaval Asiriyam stone inscription of 14th century has been found at Valaimangalam village at Pudukkottai District.
One of the inhabitants of the Valamangalam Yoga Pandiyan informed about this inscription in paddy filed. The founder of Pudukkottai Archeology Research Foundation Manganoor A. Manikandan had a field study in this village.
In this visit he found out the inscription which belonged to 14th century.
The Chola Reign of 13th century , followed by Pandiya’s Reign marked the end of strong government forces in this area. In the 14th century land lords raise to power and functioned as reginal kings of this area. They have their own law and order system. Inscriptions of Pudukkottai Samasthanam had reveled that they appointed patrol party to guard their area and fields. A special tax was levied for this purpose. The taxing system may be on the verity of crops they produce or by a special scale unit was followed to calculate the amount of tax. The tax was collected even from the land less people. They gave their livestocks, meat, ghee, milk or the equivalent amount as tax. It was termed as Kadamai (Duty).
The Paddy Guards later started to make new ponds, regulate the irrigation and temple administration. The inscriptions of Pudukkottai samsthaanam No.688 and 691 reveled that People of Keelakurichi were involved in Padi Guarding and rescued and restored the stolen livestocks . Usually these acts were inscribed in stone and displayed in public places in those days. More over some inscription area of a particular Paddy Guards and their duty.
These inscription were erected near temples, fields or in the middle of the village and termed as asiriyam. The Valamangalam Inscription is one of those Asiriyam Inscriptions.
It says “svasthi shree vada siruvaayi naatu vaalvuamangalam pakaithalaippadiyaana keelakkurichiyaar aasiriyam visyavanjanalloor.” It clearly tells us that the village Valamanglam once called Valuvamangalam and it was a part of Vadasiruvayi Nadu province. This village was guarded by Keelakkurichiyar, visayan anjathavan and his name percolated into the village name as visaiyanjanalloor.

In a surprising revelation the inmates of this village is still related to people at Keelakkurichi which is 30 Km away. The villagers Sankar and Somasundaram verified this fact.

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